About Our Parish


We are called to be women and men of the church

faithful to who we are

our identity and grace history

choosing to live the present

with an awareness of the past and an openness

to the future...


In April 1899, the identity and graced history of St. Aloysius Church began with a meeting of concerned faithful in a carpenter's shop on Luzerne Street in Wilkes-Barre.  At that time, the parish consisted of 37 families and by 1913, had grown to 100 dedicated families.  Today, St. Aloysius reflects a stable membership of 1,066 families or approximately 2,200 parishioners.

St. Aloysius Church is one of the most beautiful buildings ever erected in northeastern Pennsylvania. While that observation has been true since its dedication by his Eminencem Dennis Cardinal Dougherty in 1927, it is all the more pronounced since its renewal and renovation by Monsignor Donald A. McAndrews in 1994.

A marvelous example of Gothic architecture, St. Aloysius was built to accomodate over 1,000 worshippers at Mass.  As a result, its exterior dimensions and brickwork are truly impressive.  When a visitor opens the front doors, the interior is overwhelming.  The visual impact of its ornate woodwork and mahogany pews complements the richness of colors in its Munich stained-glass windows along the side walls and the upper clerestory. Its lofty arches as well as its decorative and blended color scheme provid a setting for appreciating the importance of the sanctuary.  There, the quality of the marble stairs, steps, pulpit, lectern and floor emphasizes the fact that the celebration of Mass alone deserves being the focal point of the church.  

And yet, the Church does not stand alone.  It is simply the centerpiece of a colleciton of outstanding parish properties.  All of them have been lovingly designed to complement each other in appearance, utility, and accessibility.  The school, rectory, hall, cafeteria and auditorium are a testament to the faith of those who sacrificed so much to make yeasterday's dream today's reality.  With the addition of an abundance of parking spaces and coordinated beautiful landscaping, nothing more could be desired.  Not only was every goal of the past met, the resulting complex far surpassed what mught have been imagined.

In 2010 our parish was called to reimagine the Catholic community in our area, and to join our community with St. Casimir's Parish. Together they formed the current parish of St. Robert Bellarmine, which serves the Catholic people of both South Wilkes-Barre and the Hanover Township area today. Looking to the tradition of our past ancestors, we as a parish community continue to look to the future; that through our legacy we may continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, live as examples to a world in darkness, and be stewards to all in need!